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What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in well: jeans, sneakers, etc. Do not wear high-heeled shoes, or open sandals. You should avoid wearing skirts or dresses, as you will have to climb in and out of a high basket. If you have little or no hair, or keep your hair cut very short, a hat or cap is recommended – the heat from the burners, especially during liftoff, can seem hotter on a bald or shaved head.

What will the temperature be like?

The temperature only changes about 1 or 2 degrees every thousand feet. For most of your flight, the temperature will be between 1 and 4 degrees cooler than the temperature on the ground – barely noticeable.  The burners do output a substantial amount of heat, most of which goes up into the balloon, but you may sometimes notice it. In addition, you will be traveling with the wind, so you will seldom feel a breeze during your trip. For your comfort, we recommend you dress in comfortable layers, so that you can regulate your temperature as needed. If you’re comfortable on the ground, you should be comfortable in the air.

How fast / how far will I go?

Hot air balloons travel with the winds, so the answer to this question depends upon the prevailing winds during the flight. If, for example, the prevailing wind is westerly at 6 miles per hour, then you can expect that your flight will end approximately 6 miles to the west of the launch field.

Where will we take off / land?

Our balloons take normally take off from an open field at Quakertown Airport. Because balloons fly with the wind, our landing site changes virtually every flight. Generally, it will be an open field somewhere within a 10-mile radius of our launch point.

How much does it cost?

As of the 2021 season, On Your Way Up Ballooning charges $225 per person for a one-hour flight. The total time of your experience is between two and three hours, including set-up and take-down of the balloon.

The maximum combined weight of all of our passengers for a single flight is 850 lbs.

We also offer an Exclusive Flight package for any couple who would like a private flight. The pilot, of course, is still present in the balloon, but we will not add other passengers to your flight. This option is very popular for a unique and romantic way to pop the big question.  The price for this exclusive flight is $650.  Ask about this option when you make your booking.

When do you fly?

Flights are scheduled all year long, at sunrise and two hours before sunset, seven days per week. All flights are weather-dependent. This means that, in order to ensure a safe flight, certain weather conditions must exist during the flight. For an ideal flight, we look for plenty of visibility and calm winds (around 5mph). The visibility is important so that we can see the terrain ahead, both to find a good landing place and to avoid hazardous obstacles.

Wind speed is just as important to a balloon. Because hot air balloons travel with the wind, we will travel at the same speed as the wind. A 20mph wind would make for an interesting flight, and you would certainly see a lot, but imagine trying to slow down a craft with a six-story sail that contains 105,000 cubic feet of air in a small open field while still being pushed forward at 20mph. Landings are much easier at 5mph.  Hot air balloons that fly in places such as New Mexico, where there are vast stretches of open desert to land in, can fly and safely land at speeds far greater than balloons here in the populated northeast.

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